Land Surveying

ACCORD Engineering & Surveying, LLC provides a full range of land surveying services. Our team of experienced surveyors can assist you with any of the services listed below. We also provide other land surveying services. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Boundary Retracements

The retracement of property boundaries is one of the primary tasks of land surveyors.  Properly retracing boundaries involves deed research, discovery and measurement of evidence in the field, and analysis of all of the above leading to a professional opinion of the true location of the boundary.  When you need to know where your boundary is located, look no further than ACCORD to provide you with the best techniques in the business.

Divisions of Land

There are two major methods by which landowners can divide their land in Massachusetts, the “Form A” and the “Subdivision”.  ACCORD can assist owners in accomplishing either type of division.   Briefly, the “Form A” division of land is applicable when the parcel has frontage along an existing road of acceptable quality and can provide access to the lots created.  The Subdivision process, by contrast, involves the design and construction of a new road, and access thereby.  It is subject to the terms and requirements of the Subdivision Control Law and local regulations created by the Town or City having jurisdiction.

Topographic/Engineering Surveys

Often, for design purposes, such as designing a new home, it is desired to have a survey made which accurately depicts the existing conditions on a property, including locating existing structures, driveways, and trees, measuring the elevation of the land, locating utilities, etc. and preparing a plan showing these details.  ACCORD uses a robotic total station to efficiently collect data on the site, and CAD software to quickly and accurately transform that data into a usable plan.